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We master our business

Holly Creations Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd is a daughter company of Jiangsu Holly Corporation, a well-known and highly respected, public listed company in Jiangsu province, China.

We have been manufacturing fishing tackle since 1998. Now we are rapidly conquering the European market with a complete range of high quality carp, catfish, match and sea tackle.

Holly Creations offers a comprehensive range of over 5,000 carp, catfish, match and sea fishing items from its manufacturing units in Danyang, a city near Nanjing and Shanghai. Danyang is only a one-hour drive from Nanjing airport, a three-hour drive from Shanghai or just one-and-half-hour by the high speed train from Shanghai.

The strength of Holly Creations lies in its experience with, and its knowledge of, the very complex and highly competitive European market.

Every year we invest huge amounts of money in moulds and jigs and so on. This enables us to have a wide range of innovative products. Innovation is our Strengthˇ­

Holly Creations only accepts OEM business from wholesalers and is not aiming for orders from retailers. We ask a considerable minimum order quantity and amount to protect our clients.

Any information given to Holly Creations is treated with the highest confidentiality, and if a product is specially developed for a specific customer, it will be for that customer only.

We think it is fair to say that the hoge success and fast growth of Holly Creations shows that we master our business. We invite you to visit our factory and/or showrooms. Hopefully this website already gives you a clear picture of what we can make for you.

Mr. Wu Dong, President
Holly Creations Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd, Jiangsu, China

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